Budget for touring overseas

An example on the costs to fly a band of 6 people from South Africa to The Netherlands

24 October 2014

In the picture you can see an example of a budget for 3 people going from The Netherlands to Malawi (also available as download under the 'Artists' section). Please note everything is in euros. Hundred (100) euros is approx USD 126 dollars, MWK 56.000 kwacha, and ZAR 1.400 rand.



Fying to and from malawi is expensive; approx €1.300 (USD 1.600 dollars, MWK 750.000 kwacha or ZAR 19.000 rand). Return flights from South Africa to The Netherlands can be as cheap as 550 euro if you do not mind a couple of transfers and you have to book at least 6 months in advance. The longer you wait and the less stops, the more expensive it will become. You cannot travel without a visa; for this visa you need invitation letters, proof of accommodation, an organisation or person who is willing to be your guarantee (costs another €30) and you need medical insurance. The cheapest Schengen medical insurance for 14 days is 25-30 euros per person; this will not cover any medical or dental treatments.

When abroad, you need a place to stay. MYA often offers bands to stay at our houses. Even though you do not have to pay for the accommodation, there are still expenses made like gas, water and electricity. This easily adds up to €10 per person per day in European countries. You also need to eat, you might want to get a (free) SIM card to make and receive phone calls, you might want to go for a drink and you probably have to visit other places in town which means you need to take public transport (in a city like Amsterdam €2.70 per journey or €7 per day). You should calculate a minimum daily allowance (also called per diem or sejours) of €10 per day for shopping, communicaiton and transport.

If you want people in the country to know you are performing so tickets are being sold, you have to get airplay on (online) radio stations and (online) magazines have to write about your music (reviews by critics) and you (editorials). And when you are playing, you need to get there. If you are lucky, someone who owns a van will drive you (approx €150 per day) or if you want a proper tour manager you have to pay this person €250 per day (excl. VAT). Parking is expensive and petrol needs to be paid as well. Parking in downtown Amsterdam costs €5 per hour (= USD 6 dollar, MWK 3.000 kwacha, or ZAR 70 rand)!!!!!!!!

You can download an example of a budget for a band of 6 people traveling from South Africa to The Netherlands in the 'Artists' section of this site (including the totals in US dollars, Malawian kwacha and South Africa rand).