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10 September 2014

In a couple of days the ‘no website’ Master Your Ability will be online. A platform for musicians and event organisers to find, and more importantly share information. While I work on the content, Inspirething make sure it all works and looks good based on the designs of Roger Williams.

But how to fill a website, get interaction going, stimulate people to read and write, keep it interesting and get musicians and music professionals to share their knowledge? I think by paying people who put in effort.

I am happy to share my knowledge, so I’ll be blogging, uploading documents and respond to questions. However, my knowledge is limited – broad but not a specialist. And I do not want Master Your Ability to be about me; I want it to be for musicans by musicians.

First step is doing research. Watch this space for a questionnaire where I’ll be asking for your input. I am going to ask my South African music friends for their wishes and needs, hand out a questionnaire and talk to people in Malawi soon, and post the questionnaire in my European network. Of course I also have to look at the competition, find out what is already available and find MYA’s unique selling point.

To get going, I want to be able to pay people to write for the site. For every blog of at least 300 words that is read by a minimum of X amount (how many I do not know yet) of people with 2 or more reactions/interactions, the writer of the blog receives payment. To receive the money, the person writing the blog has to

– write about a subject related to the content of the particular section of;

– promote the blog on Facebook and at least 1 other social media network with tags to the sponsor, #MYA and a link to the blog;

– and maybe some other (online) promotional work.

In return you get paid for your work and receive a free MYA pro membership for 6 months so you can access all information on for free for half a year.

I will be looking for sponsors for each section of the website. If I succeed in finding sponsors, I will be able to pay for 10 blogs from Malawi, 10 from the Netherlands (or Europe) and 10 from South Africa.

For example, I can ask Ableton to sponsor the section about music making, venue the Sugar Factory can do the performing section, BUMA/SAMRO/COSOMA to sponsor the part with everything about legal issues, publisher BOOM of the book Project Management for events or Masters in Event Management ResponsAmsterdam Creative Industries and/or Inholland to sponsor the event section. There are many things that can be given in return, from logo on the site to have a whole section designed and dedicated completely to the brand, social media promotion by the bloggers, access to a big network (in Malawi, South Africa and Europe), get insight into what musicians/event organisers are talking about, and more..

Businesses who sponsor a section pay €1.000 to pay for 30 blogs. There wil also be a package for €250 and individuals can sponsor 2 blogs from Malawi and 2 from South Africa or the Netherlands for only €50.

It’s not charity; it is paying a fee for people who put in work. Honest pay for those who are willing to invest time writing about certain subjects, willing to share their knowledge with their peers.

With Marlies, Jorien, Grenville, Sean (Mr. Sakitumi), Inka (The Grrrl) and Roger. With Marlies, Jorien, Grenville, Sean (Mr. Sakitumi), Inka (The Grrrl) and Roger.