It's too easy to get distracted

15 May 2015

So much to do before our move to Malawi. It varies from finding additional funding to get the band Skip & Die to Lake of Stars from selling lots of my personal stuff, organising shipment for 350 library books to Lilongwe University College of Law & Professional Studies, trying to get Arjen and Sam on board of a plane so they can collaborate with Malawian artists, finding a tenant, finding a job in Malawi, deciding on health insurance, sorting out work visa, and of course saying goodbye and organising lots of leaving parties. Oh, and work... that continues like nothing is changing. So I am teaching, coaching, recording web lectures, collaborating with colleagues to write an international article, grading, assessing, presenting, attend meetings etc. Work is Inholland, but it is also MYA with, for example, this website and training courses in online communication and public relations.

I love to be busy. I am not scared to take on a lot of work and I do enjoy working on various different projects. I do need some time management, and some spare time. I need to plan time off, because I can be working day and night if I am not carefull. Unfortunately one of the first things that I drop is going to the gym. Too busy... silly, because I feel so much better after a session at the gym.

I work with to-do lists; it helps me structuring work. Funny how admin is on the list ever day and remains one of the topics that I can look at but not execute. Only when I have deadline for my tax return I will do the necessary work, but on other days I rather focus on other jobs. I love making budgets, playing around with numbers. I never need a deadline for a funding application, a budget, writing or sending emails or updating Facebook. However, I do need deadlines for this website and for admin.

I much rather plan a weekend camping with the family, and another camping trip with friends & family to De Lievelinge in July. I mail Hello Goodbye, cook dinner for bFAKE, EJ and DJ DNA, start a crowdfunding campaign, update the website and communicate with Malawi, we have a intervision session later today and in the meantime I am welcoming AirBnB guests, sort out the rental agreement for our house, and much much more! I easily do all this in 1 day. As long as it is not my admin. I will do it tomorrow... and then when I live in Malawi, I will take it easy ;)