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11 June 2015

Project management is characterised by the systematic and integral control of the development process, from the creative idea to the concrete product. Event projects - such as festivals, exhibitions, conferences, arts productions, sports events, and company events - draw a lot of attention. Such initiatives can frequently end in failure because the funding cannot be finalised, deadlines are not met, or budgets are exceeded. The professional approach to a project can prevent many problems.

The first 3 phases are explained in the follwoing web lectures (in English).

  1. Initiative phase (introduction - project proposal) https://mediasite.inholland.nl/Mediasite/Play/a9166647860643f698b4074a67a04a8a1d
  2. Marketing https://mediasite.inholland.nl/Mediasite/Play/a9166647860643f698b4074a67a04a8a1d?playFrom=1127000
  3. Sponsoring, time, finances (end of initiative phase) https://mediasite.inholland.nl/Mediasite/Play/a9166647860643f698b4074a67a04a8a1d?playFrom=2172000
  4. Preparation phase (project plan) https://mediasite.inholland.nl/Mediasite/Play/11b7363d52de4fe5b8503bf1f477ffd81d
  5. Performance hase (production programme) https://mediasite.inholland.nl/Mediasite/Play/b3bc15d031c64ec7962309af3d704a571d