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Lake of Stars

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Soon I'll start lecturing at ChanCo. Here you can information and below you can download the presentations about the book pictured above.

A career in culture? A career in culture?
Oh no... nobody at my event Oh no... nobody at my event
Who does what? Who does what?

My personal travel guide to Malawi

Tourist information (updated January 2020 / pdf to download is from 2019!)

We are happy to give recommendations and book the next lodge for you!

Information in this guide is subjective, 100% biased as it is based on our own experiences. We only recommend places that we know and like; we do not get any commission or other benefits from recommending certain places.


Malawi is known as Africa for Beginners and the Warm Heart of Africa. We think it is one of the nicest countries in the world with friendly people, hardly any crime, no terror threat, and a diverse environment with stunning landscapes. Malawi has beaches, mountains, wildlife, and welcoming people who might be poor but happy to share what they have and they always have time for a little chat. Everybody greets each other (Muli…

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